Chicken, bacon and spaghetti

Ruby Annett

Ruby Annett from knole academy in Sevenoaks 2019 entrant

my brother


I heated oil in a frying pan and then cut up the meats up and put them in the pan. I cooked the meats and peppers together until the chicken was white inside. whilst that was cooking I boiled water in a saucepan till it bubbled then added spaghetti. once that was all fully cooked I i drained the oil out of the pan and put it on a low heat whilst i tipped the water out of the saucepan. following that i put it on a plate and ate it.


a chicken breast, 2 rashers of bacon, a green pepper, Passata, oregano, mixed herbs, Italian seasoning, basil, smoked paprika, chilli powder, salt and pepper