Kentish Spring Garden Risotto

Margane Argivier

Margane Argivier from Milstead and Frinsted CEP School in Canterbury 2019 entrant



1. Heat the chicken stock and keep to minimum heat once it starts boiling.
2. Slowly cook the shallots in half of the butter until trans-lucid.
3. Add the risotto rice, turn to medium heat and continue to cook until it makes a crackling noise, stir continuously.
4. Add the white wine.
5. Once the wine has been soaked up by the rice, add 2 ladles (louche) of chicken stock. Continue to simmer by adding hot chicken stock before it has been completely absorbed. Stir continuously for about 20 min and until it is almost cooked (cooked in the outside and crunch in the middle of the rice).
6. Add the peas, stir, add stock if dry.
7. Taste, once the rice is almost cooked (only slight bit), reduce the heat then add the cream, the other half of the butter, the French tarragon and the asparagus.
8. Add the Parmesan and taste to ensure it is cooked (al dente).
9. Add pepper and salt, taste.
10. Take out from the heat and add the lime juice and the pea shoots.
11. Serve in four plates and add Parmesan, add 4 asparagus tips the half tarragon leaves, pea shoot leaf and 2 violet flower per plate for decoration.


For Risotto
250g Arborio risotto rice
2 large shallots, finally chopped
1 glass of white (from Kent if possible/ alcohol free)
1L chicken stock
30g of butter
Kentish asparagus, 8 spear tips
2 tbs creme fraiche
30g grated parmesan
6 large leaves of French tarragon, finely chopped
1 tbs freshly squeezed lime
Frozen peas (if not in season)
A handful of pea shoots
Salt & pepper

For Presentation
10g grated parmesan
2 large leaves of French tarragon, cut in half
4 peas shoot leaves with short stem
8 edible violet flowers