Who can enter Young Cooks?

Any child or young person aged between 6 and 19 years old may enter Young Cooks.

How long have I got to submit my entry?

Parents or teachers should complete the simple online entry form on the child’s behalf before midnight on Wednesday 6th November 2019.

What is the budget for primary school pupils?

Primary school pupils are asked to create one dish using a budget of no more than £2.50.

What is the budget for secondary students or family entries?

The budget is £5.00 to cook two dishes for one person.

How many people will the finalists have to cook for on the day of the live cook-off?

Finalists will cook two of each of their dish or dishes. One will be used for tasting by the judges and the other will be used for display purposes. Some schools are asking students to practice cooking double the quantity to get used to this.

When is this year's finalist's cook-off?

The cook-off event takes place on Thursday 28th November 2019

Why do you need two photos with each dish?

We ask for one photo of the dish on its own and one photo of the chef or chefs with the dish. The photo of the dish on its own is for Young Cooks judges to see and for use at the top of a recipe card page. The photo of the chef(s) with their face close to the dish could be used for media purposes and will be used at the base of the recipe card page. For guidance on photos click here.

How will judging work?

At the close of the competition all entries are presented to our panel of industry experts and sponsors for judging. They will pour over the hundreds of entries we receive and after much deliberation and debate shortlist just 13 people (3 Family category, 6 Secondary category and 4 Primary category entrants) who are then invited to the live final.

At the live final, the judges will mark each entrant on taste, technical ability, presentation, originality, health consideration and the use of locally sourced produce. Marks are deducted for poor time keeping and or if the dish is thought to be over the allocated per head budget.

Will the chefs have any one to assist them in the kitchen?

Yes , although the chefs will need to cook independently (unless in the Family category), each finalist will have a student mentor to assist in the kitchen. They will be able to help with equipment, cookers etc.

If I am invited to the final, will I have to bring my own ingredients?

Yes, each chef will be responsible for bringing all their ingredients. They will need to bring enough to cook each of their dishes twice. Finalists from the Primary category will be reimbursed for ingredients to the value of £5.00 (to fit with budget of £2.50 for each dish). Finalists from the Secondary and Family category will be reimbursed for ingredients to the value of £10.00 (to fit with budget of £5.00 for each dish).