Crispy Salt and Pepper Vietnamese Prawn

Isabella Tomlinson

Isabella Tomlinson from Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone 2017 entrant


1) Heat up the oil in the pan.
2) Clean the shrimp.
3) Roast the salt, ground pepper and 5 spice powder in the pan.
4) Line a shallow cookie sheet with foil or parchment paper.
5) Dust the shrimp with potato or corn starch.
6) Sauté the garlic, onion, green scallions and jalapeño.
7) Add the shrimps to the frying pan.
8) Sprinkle the shrimp with a few teaspoons of the salt/sugar/pepper/five spice mixture.


prawns, boiled 200g
black pepper 6g
salt 6g
allspice powder 5g
sugar 2g
corn starch 15g
garlic 6g
jalapeno chillies 5g
red onion 15g
spring onion 20g
oil 15g