Brioche bread and butter pudding with chocolate chips

tilly gander compton

tilly gander compton from archbishops in Canterbury 2018 finalist

the place i work at inspired me to create a bread and butter pudding with a twist.


1 - line a tin with parchment
2 - later slices of brioche & chocolate drops, keeping top layer just as bread
3 - gently heat double cream with vanilla pod
4- add sugar
5 - remove cream from heat whisk in eggs
6 - pour cream mixture over brioche leave to soak into the bread
7 - bake for 35/40 mins 140c until pale golden
8- to serve, cut with individual circles with melted chocolate and fresh mint.


1 pt double cream
50g castor sugar
3 whole eggs
1 x Vanilla pod split
1 tsp Vanilla extract
At a guess 100/150g Belgian chocolate drops
1/2 sliced brioche loaf