Kentish Apple and Almond Pudding

Lauren Harker

Lauren Harker from Maidstone Grammar School for Girls in Maidstone 2018 finalist

My family friend is celiac, so he can't eat a lot of desserts. When he comes to our house, we have to make sure none of our food contains gluten, which is why we started making this pudding. I really like the almond flavor and the actual consistency of the cake is just like if it had flour in it, so i wanted to make it for the competition. It's also a very good way of using up the apples we get from the trees in our garden.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Peel, core and chop the apple very finely and mix with the cinnamon and sugar. Place aside.
Cream the butter and sugar. Gradually add the egg, then mix in the ground almond.
To assemble the dessert, put the apples in the bottom of a small ramekin. Put the almond sponge on top of this and put in the oven for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.
To plate up, put the ramekin on a plate and serve with natural yogurt and raspberries.


Dessert: Kentish apple and almond pudding with natural yoghurt
2 applse, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp sugar, 54g butter, 54g sugar, 54g ground almond, 1 egg.
Serve with: natural yogurt and raspberries

Apple and raspberries home-grown.