Vegetable and lentil soup

Daisy Ginns

Daisy Ginns from Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone 2018 entrant

I wanted to cook a healthy dish alongside the dessert to create a balanced meal option.


Prepare all of the vegetables e.g. chop up the carrots quartered, chop the potatoes into small cubes etc... and put into a saucepan. Tip all of the ingredients into a saucepan with 1 litre of boiling water and stir well. Cover the saucepan Andy leave to simmer until the vegetables are tender. Ladle into boos and eat straight.


85g dried lentils
2 carrots
3 small celery sticks
2 small leeks
3 medium potatoes
1 tin of tomatoes
3 garlic cloves
1 vegetable oxo cubes
1 tsp ground coriander