Strawberry and Apple Crumble

Bailey CollinsBowers

Bailey CollinsBowers from Sandwich Technology school in Dover 2018 entrant

Because this is a great treat after a healthy first course and has a special cream to go with it.


Top the strawberries and cut in half. Peel and core the Apple and chop in to small chunks. Mix both together and add them to a oven proof dish. In a separate bowl rub together the butter and flour until it resembles fine bread crumbs. Add the sugar and mix well. Spread this over the top of the fruit and cook in a oven at 180oC (fan) for 35 mins. Meanwhile whisk the cream until thick being careful not to over whisk. Carefully stir in the Strawberry Syrup. Serve with the crumble.


200g Strawberries
1 Cooking Apple
100g sugar
75g Butter
175 Plain Flour
150ml Double Cream
25ml Strawberry Syrup