Mango Twister

Rosie Tavender

Rosie Tavender from Davison High School in Sussex 2018 finalist

Each Element is inspired by a member of my family’s favourite dessert. For example the mango is for my brother.


1. Rub the flour and butter together until it looks like bread crumbs. Form a dough with the water and salt.
2. Place the dough into the fridge.
3. For the filling, chop and steam the mango adding a little honey, water and sugar to taste. Then blend for a smooth texture.
4. Whisk the egg adding the sugar as you go.
5. Blind bake the pastry for around 8mins at 180°.
6. Fill with the mango and pipe on the meringue.
7. Grill the top so it just turns a golden brown. Serve.


1 egg
100g of sugar
1 mango
125g plain flour.
pinch of salt
55g butter
Touch of honey