The Fishy Garden

Rosie Tavender

Rosie Tavender from Davison High School in Sussex 2018 finalist

I love sourcing food locally and making harty meals for my family without breaking the bank balance so when I saw this compertion I thought it would be really fun to enter.


1. Prepare the broad beans by shelling them.
2. Slice the black pudding and while it’s cooking:
3. Boil broad beans for around 3 minutes.
4. Make the purée .
5. Score the scallops and season.
6. Cook the scallops for around 1 and a half mins on each side.
7. Cook the pancetta until crispy.
8. Serve the purée on the bottom of a plate and place all the elements on top. Garnish with fresh mint.


All sourced within 20 minutes from my house.
2 Scallops
2 slices of black pudding
1 slice of crispy pancetta
2 handfuls of broad beans
A handful of mint
A clove of garlic
25g of butter