griddled pork steaks sat on a potato and parsnip rosti wih carrots and broccoli with a bbq sauce

elle playfair

elle playfair from The Canterbury Academy in Canterbury 2017 entrant

i had made something similar last year but i decided to change it slightly with and addition of a potato and parsnip rosti which is something i had never heard of and wanted to try and cook. i had also know i wanted to enter for a while and decided to start growing my own vegetables for the dish.


put 2 small pans of water on ready for the veg. put the griddle pan on to begin warming up with a little bit of oil to prevent sticking. now put on the pork steaks and turn to get lines as a pattern once you have done both sides take of the heat and onto an oven tray to finish off in the oven whilst i fry the rosti. using the frying pan put in the butter and oil ready to fry the rosti place the metal ring in the middle of your frying pan to start cooking your rosti by simply filling the ring with mixed dry potato and parsnip mixture with a seasoning of salt and pepper. whilst you are waiting for this to cook put your veg in to cook. turn your rosti once it is golden on the bottom you should now be able to remove the ring carefully. probe your pork steaks to check temperature. start plating up the rosti and pork steaks and add the veg afterwards by draining in a colander and placing carefully on the plate.


2x90g pork steaks
50g carrots
50g broccoli
1/2 parsnip peeled cored and grated
1/2 potato peeled and grated
butter and oil for cooking
BBQ sauce