Yorkshire Muffins (by Natalia)

Natalia Kaniewska

Natalia Kaniewska from St Teresa primary catholic school in Ashford 2017 entrant

My uncles Yorkshire Puddings, which never raises properly in the pudding tin. I used my Muffin tray and copied my uncles recipe and made the best Yorkshire Muffins


Place into a large bowl 4 heaped table spoons of plain flour. Make a hole in the muscle crack 4 large eggs. Pouring in the milk from the measring jug, 675 ML milk , adding my uncle Paul’s Secret ingredient: tea spoon full of horse radish. Place the mixture for 30 minuets Into the freezer


4 large heaped spoons of plain flower, 4 large eggs whites separated before mixing into the flour. Adding 1 pinch of sea salt 675 ML of full fat milk.