Stuffed chicken with vined tomatoes and vegetable rice

Naomi Nottage

Naomi Nottage from St anselms catholic secondary school in Canterbury 2017 entrant

I love chicken,bacon and pesto so I love making this dish i cook it for my family and friends and they love it too!


1- Prep the dish that we will be putting the chicken in. Do this by oiling it and cutting a long piece of tin foil that will cover the chicken tin or dish.

2- PUT THE OVEN ON 180°. Open the bacon and pesto. Next prep the chicken cut of the fatty bits and check there is no blood on it. Cut the chicken through the middle making sure that you don’t cut the whole way through only till it opens so you can put the red pesto in to it. Then put 2tsp of red pesto in to the chicken and wrap the bacon round it and move to the pre- prepared tin. Put the vine tomatoes around the breasts of chicken and grinned the black pepper on top. Put the tin foil on top and leave to the side.

3- Now put the chicken in the oven with the tin foil over it and on the same heat that the peppers are in at. Cook the chicken for 20 minutes. Then check and take the foil off then cook for another 10-12 minutes.
4- Cook the vegetable rice for 2 minutes in the microwave and put in to a small dish/ bowl to make the dome shape. Push the rice down and the pat out of the pot. Put a leaf of basil on top and then put the tomatoes and chicken on to the plate as well.


· 1 breast of chicken.
· A jar of red pesto.
· Vined tomatoes.
· Bacon.
· 2 pinches of ground black pepper.
· 1 vegetable rice.