Your invitation to be a Young Cook

Submit your entry by November 7th

Young people are invited to take part in the south east's annual masterchef-style event.

To enter they need to prepare a dish they have created, which they think is delicious, healthy and showcases their cooking skills.

The Young Cooks judges love to see local produce being used so thought should be given to this.

Any child or young person aged between 6 and 19 years old may enter Young Cooks and our 13 finalists will be invited to cook their dish for our VIP panel at the live final at the end of November at East Kent College in Broadstairs.

Kent Cooks is part of the Young Cooks competition, serving Kent, London, Sussex and the South East.

The aim is to develop the confidence and abilities of young people to prepare meals to a fixed budget, as well as to increase awareness of healthy options and locally grown produce.

Finalists will not only have to cook their dish, they will have to spend a few minutes explaining to the judges how and why they created it, so confident presentation skills are also needed. All Primary finalists will be reimbursed £5 towards the cost of their ingredients. All Secondary and Family finalists will be reimbursed £10 towards the cost of their ingredients.

All completed entries will be showcased as online recipe cards on this website.

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Which category will you enter?

Primary Category

Primary school pupils are asked to create one dish using a budget of no more than £2.50.

The child must prepare the dish in up to 90 minutes and will have the support of a trained mentor at the final.

A photo of the dish must be submitted with the entry.

Children as young as 6 years old may enter the Primary category but we stress that if they are selected to compete in the final they must be able to cook their dish independently and be prepared to do this in a professional kitchen.

Secondary Category

Secondary school pupils are asked to create two dishes using a budget of no more than £5.

The young person must cook unassisted if invited to the final and prepare the dishes in 120 minutes.

A photo of the dishes must be submitted with the entry.

Family Category

A child or young person to create two dishes alongside a parent/carer using a budget of no more than £5.

A separate photo of the dish and photo of the child holding the dish should be submitted with each entry.

If short listed the family team must prepare both dishes within 120 minutes at the live final.

Featured Entries

Super Salmon Tacos

Evie Ambrose from Hampton Primary School

2018 finalist

Kentish pork with creamed potatoes, apple sauce, cider gravy and seasonal cabbage

Charlotte Fife from Invicta Grammar School for Girls

2017 champion

Broccoli and Ashdown Cheese in A Bread Bowl

Antonin Corcoran from Petham Primary School

2017 winner

kentish spicy bean and bacon casserole.

morgan Kinch from Herne Bay High

2017 winner